The Power of 5FM to boost your brand

5FM is not just a radio station. 5FM is a multimedia brand that builds and shares content across digital and on-air media channels informed by a youthful community. The purpose of 5FM is to bring together youthful South Africans through the power of music. As an entertainment powerhouse 5FM features some of the most well-known media personalities and music DJs in South Africa. The station embraces content that is relevant, youthful and co-created with the 5FM community while proudly supporting the South African music industry.

Recent studies show that millennials particularly love radio personalities. They provide an important incentive to listen. The individuals presenting on 5FM are selected to represent a spectrum of the youthful 5FM community. Notice we don’t say ‘youth’ which is rather a demographic segmentation fallacy in our view. Youthful is an energetic psychographic mindset approach to which we peg our content and our music offering. Our personalities are coached to be storytellers, to draw the audience in on matters of relevance that are directly impacting on their lives, and to embrace the audience in a way that makes them, the presenters, vulnerable and therefore accessible and relatable to the 5FM community. That intimacy is one of the core assets of a good radio station, and we have it in spades. We challenge you to Google anyone on our lineup and looks at their circle of influence and everything they are involved in.

In the place of offering you a particular demographic or ethnic media audience, 5FM believes it plays a role in social cohesion and nation-building. This means that we have designed a strategy that attracts a type of person, rather than a group of people who happen to fall into a box we marketers created for them. This has resulted, quite beautifully, in us attracting what we like to call “perfect thirds”. Each third of our audience is a different race profile. That means that our 5FM community listens to us because of the type of content we deliver and because they see themselves in a certain way. They see themselves as part of the 5FM community and the country of youthful South Africans. They do not see themselves through the lens of their race or their language. They are self-actualised and mature in their own understanding of their identity. That means they are mature in their buying habits, conscious of their own spending power and adaptable across product types and categories. They are a premium audience worth paying to get real results.

Over the past 18 months, 5FM’s listener profile shifted significantly in the following areas relating to our premium youthful listener group:
30 % higher average household income
35% increase in graduate / postgraduate listeners
51% decline in high school listeners

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