SABC Commercial Enterprises: Business Unusual

SABC Commercial Enterprises recently met with its government clients as part of its ongoing strategic drive to bring clients closer to their business under the banners “We are listening” and “Know your SABC.” The drive is mainly aimed at creating an environment where clients work closely with SABC in creating solutions that will benefit both parties and educate them on SABC opportunities.

The recent government workshop was characterized by the presentation of the SABC 360 approach to advertising – dubbed business unusual. On the backdrop of the recent financial challenges at the broadcaster, SABC realized that it could no longer do business as usual if it is going to fight off its financial woes. The 360 approach to adverting leverages on SABC’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) as the only media house that delivers TV and Radio from the same stable.

“The SABC gives something that nobody else does, that is TV and Radio combined; add digital and you have a perfect solution. No other competitor can do that, and the fact that we have not done it for a long time is a fail on our part, but all that is changing now, we have streamlined our platforms, which gives us an opportunity to give you solutions that work. Ultimately, if you guys are successful, we will be successful,” says General Manager: TV sales, Warren Bedil.

The workshop also presented clients with an opportunity to share their dissatisfactions along with their service wish list to the SABC. Warren welcomed the client feedback and added, “We acknowledge that historically SABC has not necessarily represented ourselves collectively and that is why we try and do things slightly different.”

“This is the most important part of these engagements: the fact that you are frank and honest can only help us grow because if you sugarcoat your responses, we wouldn’t know what we are doing wrong. Your feedback is a challenge to our programming people, content, sales people and the solution providers to answer your briefs, and not just with copy and paste – every single solution needs to be bespoke. If you challenge our team, we will come with solutions that you will appreciate and that will work for you.”

SABC is open for business and alive with opportunities. For advertising, please contact your SABC Account Executive.